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On Northanger Moor,

meet Emma Mansfield.

Implore sister character:

accept virtue

excite sense

hide between park and abbey

card love from fortune

judge not affection or sensibility

read every prejudice

find rogue nerve

betray hope in gallant young scoundrel

attend novel persuasion and pride

arrive at lovely proposal

arrange marriage dance.

Poem written by Pearl Lorentzen with magnets on June 3, 2019.

Austen by Pearl Lorentzen

Publication is a tricky thing. Now that I put this poem on my blog and social media. There are very few places which would pay me to publish it. This is why tend not to self-publish in this or other ways.

However, sometimes playing with the words and sharing them is a reward all its own. Although there is a line or two in this poem that I am tempted to save for something greater, I wanted to get this out there and share with who ever is interested.

There are many styles of publishing. It is possible to engage in multiple forms, just be sure to read the requirements and restrictions before submitting.

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