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Be curious

The other day I decided to take pictures of my housemate's cat. Jack was very curious about the camera and even got a nose print on the lens. Thankfully, I had invested in a protective lens, so it was easy to clean.

Jack curious about the camera. Photo Pearl Lorentzen.

The same thing goes for writing. Curiosity keeps the work fresh. It brings to mind interesting ideas. It also helps a writer recognize interesting moments.

The other day I was driving down the highway. I saw something white and large. I thought it was a swan. Being curious, I pulled onto a side road. Drove around the massive puddles and discovered a group of pelicans. The fisherman who was fishing on the opposite side of the river said they are often sit there waiting for him or someone else to throw back a fish that's under the limit.

Pelicans and seagulls waiting for the fishermen to throw one back. Photo by Pearl Lorentzen.

While I was taking pictures of the pelicans, a flutter to my right caught my attention. I turned to see a flock of swallows fly out from under the bridge. A few of them dove toward the water like terns to catch fish or maybe bugs. The photos turned out a bit fuzzy, but they were likely cliff swallows.

I've since driven over that bridge four or five times and haven't seen the pelicans. The seagulls yes, but not the pelicans. If I hadn't listened to my curiosity that day, I might not have had the experience of seeing the pelicans and swallows.

A uncommon white wild rose. Photo by Pearl Lorentzen.

Sometimes curiosity will reveal something unusual within the usual. The wild rose is the provincial flower of Alberta. It is also very common and blooming with profusion this year. It tends to be a variety of pinks from bright to pale, with pale most common. However, walking down the path the other day, I happened to spot this white one.

I don't think I've ever seen one before. This might be because I missed it, but since I've noticed wild roses since I was a child, I think at least part of it is that it is rare.

My familiarity with wild roses, albeit superficial mixed with my curiosity made finding this white rose intriguing. As a writer, sometimes I will search out the answer to the questions that arise in life. At others, I will use my imagination to come up with an answer. I try not to swear by these answers, but they often trigger interesting stories or poems.

If anyone wants a writing prompt, write a story, poem or anything you want about a white rose and a pelican. If it turns into something, please let me know.

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