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Five Recommendations to Rekindle a Love of Reading

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

"If you want to write - read" is very good advice, but for me the books and articles at university sucked the joy out of reading. Over the past few years, I have taken steps to rekindle my childhood obsession with reading.

1st - I use Goodreads. It allows me to track my books. In January 2018, I set an easily obtainable goal of 12 books. I read 20 books. This year my goal is 24. As of February 4th, I've read 6. I find flexible goals which I can comfortably exceed useful and encouraging.

2nd - I fit reading into my daily life. I added reading to my calendar in short chucks everyday. In the past, I liked to binge read a book in a day or two, but this leaves me exhausted and means I have little for anything else.

3rd - I use the library. When I see a book or an author I'm interested in, I go online right away and ordered it. Libraries are wonderful because they give free access to many books. Unlike used books, authors receive some money for library loans.

My current stack of library books.

4th - When I find a literary competitions, I read books written by the judges. I read literary journals I am interested in submitting to. This expanded my knowledge of Canadian publishing and contemporary Canadian authors. It also means I know more about where I will be submitting in the future.

5th - I started doing a community reading challenge at the library. The challenge is to read in a year books from A - Z. Wandering around the library looking for books with titles starting with a specific letter drew me to books I would not normally have read.

How do you fan the flames of your love affair with reading?

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