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The other day I was on a small hill covered in dry grass waiting for something that didn't happen. Instead of stressing, I just enjoyed my surroundings.

It was restful to be outside and let my eyes, camera, and mind wander.

For the last few months, most of my focus has been hyper focused on immediate issues. Just like this first picture, I was so focused on things that needed to be done, that I couldn't see the big picture.

This hour and a half of solitude and unstructured time, helped me to move my focus off of the immediate, relax and let my focus wander further afield.

This hasn't been the only time since COVID-19 started that I've been able to relax and see beyond the crisis, but it was an important time.

Using my camera as a lens to focus on the details and beauty of everyday objects helped me relax. It also resulted in some interesting photos and ideas.

Where these ideas will go within my writing remains to be seen. However, times of relaxed positive thinking are integral to my writing practice and mental health.

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