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Stolen moments, take two

When it comes to writing, stolen moments are sometimes the only time I find to get words down on paper. In the same way, sometimes the times between scheduled events inspire me. It is often unexpected moments that are memorable.

Below is one of the photos of a cedar waxwing I took while waiting for an event to start. It was the first time I'd ever noticed this species. I was struck by its unique shape and colouring. It seems like a bird in a tropical rain forest instead of in the boreal forest.

A cedar waxwing. Photo by Pearl Lorentzen.

While I was waiting, I wandered around with my camera. I saw something fly into a tree, so I started taking photos. As I photographed it, I realized it was a bird with a different shape than I was used to. It also had red stripes on its wings, and a yellow belly. I couldn't wait to compare the photos to my bird book, which told me it was a cedar waxwing.

A wildflower I haven't identified yet. Photo by Pearl Lorentzen.

The same day, I believe or another time I was waiting, I took the above photo of a wildflower. I haven't identified it yet, but think it is beautiful.

Just like photography, reading influences my writing.

The other day I was driving. The rain was so intense that I could barely see the road, so I pulled over into a vet clinics parking lot to wait out the storm. I happened to have a book in the car, so I started reading. Earlier in the trip, I was meeting someone at a specific time. It was a 2 hour and 40 minute drive to get there. As I find it hard to be on time, I left a half hour early and had time to read in the car when I got there.

It was raining in the book too, which I thought was fun. Also, it was six o'clock on a holiday Monday, but the vet clinic sign still said 'open' which seemed odd. There's definitely a nugget of a story or poem in there.

I had fun on the planned trip. I greatly enjoyed seeing people, but some of my favourite memories of that weekend were reading in the car.

I realize that this is similar to a blog I wrote a few months ago, but it still rings true. There is something about letting my mind and lens wander while waiting which inspires me.

Is there anything that you find you keep coming back to as part of your creative practice? If so, please let me know.

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