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WordBridge Conference

On Saturday, I went to WordBridge writing conference in Lethbridge. It was encouraging to meet other writers in various stages of their careers. I find the combination of panels and networking beneficial.

The two key note speakers talked about their own literary careers. Candas Jane Dorsey spoke about her thirty odd years of building writing community by continuously engaging with people, one small act at a time. David A. Poulsen spoke about his career which began with winning an Alberta literary contest. Both of them encouraged us to keep writing, learning, and engaging with other writers.

I am currently reading Serpent's Rising by David A. Poulsen and Black Wine by Candas Jane Dorsey.

Serpent's Rising is a mystery set in Calgary with details of place vivid and the initial crime heart rendering.

Black Wine is a fantasy novel with three female protagonists. Two of whom are unnamed in the initial quarter. The language, characters, and world building paint an intriguing narrative.

I look forward to finishing both of these books, writing, and building writer community.

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