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Zoom in

One way to be creative is to zoom in on something ordinary. Like this photo of a spider on poplar 'sticky' buds I took a few weeks ago.

A spider on poplar buds. Photo taken by Pearl Lorentzen.

Most people who grew up in western Canada are familiar with poplars. These trees line boulevards in many prairie and boreal towns. They are tall and give shade, but moult two kinds of 'stickies' and fluffs of cotton in the spring, plus losing their leaves in the fall.

Poplars are very common, but if you look closer these trees have intricate beauty and shadows. This photo has the added bonus of a spider thread and spider. This was at that magical time in spring when the bugs weren't bad yet, and were still novel.

This was not the first photo of a poplar 'sticky' I took that day, but it was the last. The only change I made after taking the original photo was cropping some off the left and top to zoom in even more.

The same process can be done with writing. Sit down and write. Write something even if it is terrible. Attack the idea from a different angle. Zoom in on aspect of it. When you think you have something good, save a copy. Take another copy and edit it.

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